Productive Maintenance

Dwoje pracowników pracujących przy robocie

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, specializes in design, computational and manufacturing engagements focused on:

  • production of parts using industrial 3D printing from any type of material – from polymers to metals and their alloys,
  • optimizing the shape, amount of used material and strength of parts with respect to how they are used,
  • cost optimization of single-unit, small-series and large-series production,
  • designing from scratch or modifying existing parts or components,
  • reproducing worn out or repairing damaged parts and components,
  • controlling the quality of parts and forecasting their consumption,
  • creation of digital spare parts warehouses for rapid production,
  • non-contact dimensional and tolerance quality control, including GD&T for production batches and spare parts,
  • non-contact wear control of production tools or components,
  • creation of 3D digital documentation and production documentation.

The use of professional design tools, numerical calculations and industrial 3D printers and 3D scanners provides our customers:

  • production of prototypes and utility products at the highest quality level,
  • independence from manufacturers and parts availability,
  • immediate access to parts or subassemblies that have gone out of production,
  • eliminating the need of storing parts,
  • reduction of downtime even by a few weeks,
  • significant reduction of costs of purchase of parts/subassemblies that are difficult to access.